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Our work is very much tailored to the needs of our users we deliver one to one sessions, group workshops  and universal open access sessions.

Bring The Noise

Bring The Noise is a three year project funded by Youth Music
The project was launched in March 2018 and will run up to 2021.
We currently deliver 2 weekly open access drop in sessions from The Daimler Powerhouse, Unit 4 Sandy Lane Business Park.

Sessions held on
Tuesday 6:30 till 8:30
Saturday 12 till 2

Aim of the project is Music inclusion for young people aged 8 to 25
All young people welcome from beginner to musician.

Cook well eat well project

The Yummy Youth Cooking Club was funded by Coventry Cook Well Eat Well as part of the healthy lifestyles programme in Wood End, Henley Green and Manor Farm. This project was delivered over half term and brought together young people interested in music, video, photography and cooking. Young people were involved in designing and cooking healthy meals. While other young people interested in media composed music for a sound track and documented the whole process.

Primeline enterprise

Primeline records was a project set up to help talented young people interested in the music industry experience what it was like to work in the music business.

As part of the programme, young people launched their own record label. They produced a digital/cd compilation album of local artists and a 12” vinyl ep. They spent a day in London selling to Independent record stores the merchandise they had produced and professionally mastered. To finish the experience they got to see behind the scenes at one of London’s top night clubs for dance music, Fabric . Young producer AMEC had the chance to play his newly pressed 12” through the sound system while the rest of team supported him on the dance floor.


The aim of the project was to bring together young people from different ethnicities and social backgrounds who have an interest in music but would not normally work together. The project allowed young people to collaborate and produce music that was relevant to their experiences, living in a super diverse city such as Coventry.

This was an eight week project over the summer that gave young people the opportunity to meet and talk about issues that affected their lives, to produce lyrics and beats that reflected those experiences.

As part of the project young people spent a week at Brathay in the Lake District working together to produce and write music about their experiences and then turned it into an album about their journey.

Sound, light and touch project

Young people took part in three separate workshops over half term. The project was developed to be more inclusive and support young people that had sensory impairments, engage other young people in activities to help them look at different ways of being creative.

Sound Workshop 1: experimenting with organic sounds through digital effects to create some wonderful soundscapes.

Light Workshop 2: Young people developed ideas for visuals and learnt how to projection map using Resolume Arena software.

Touch Workshop 3: Young people used pottery as a new expression and created work that could be fired and at a later date glazed.

Digital organic project

Over the summer holidays, 2016 young people made their own instruments using recycled materials to create soundtracks that were recorded in the studio. They constructed eight didley bows and they had a collective jamming session.

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