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Black Lives Matter

Artwork hand-drawn by our own Violeta Kirimi.

Thanks to funding from Heart of England through the Positive Youth Foundation youth fund, Media Mania have recently had the opportunity to explore the concepts of identity and bias in the weeks leading up to the end of September. We're always proud to be a safe platform for listening and for challenging our own opinions, and this project is no different.

Media Mania is proud to stand alongside the Black Lives Matter movement, and it is important for us to encourage our young people to engage – however they feel comfortable – in the ongoing discussions. We have begun to discuss the importance of challenging biases in ourselves where we might not recognise it, and of reflecting upon the things in our lives that make up our own sense of identity.

From the first session we have considered how smaller details can impact on our identities in quite a big way, such as the use of a nickname, or our hairstyle. Alongside this are the perhaps more obvious factors such as the cultures we grew up in, or the musical tastes we each have.

This is an open call for more young people to take part in these sessions. If you are interested in contributing to the project, please get in touch via email or DM us on here for more info, and we'll send you details of dates and times for the online sessions. It would be great to have you on board.

As we have said before, we must all consider the part we can play in the growing Black Lives Matter movement, and we would like you to get involved. Plans are in the works for a special podcast series, arranged and delivered by our own young people, so watch this space!

Stay safe,

Joe (Media Mania)

p.s. Listen to the track 'Gabriel' by Roy Davis Jr., as suggested by one of our young members! There is a link in the comments.

Artwork hand-drawn by our own Violeta Kirimi.

Link to Heart of England:



We are a transparent youth organisation - any information we share on here will always have a source provided and a list of further reading, if you are interested.


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