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  Capital Developments 

Where all the creation happens in the community.

Looking to 2021

Daimler Powerhouse and Creation centre


Imagineer and DAIMLER residents Highly Sprung Performance Company, Open Theatre, Media Mania, Rogue Manifesto prepare to leave the building and relocate to Temple Workshops in Foleshill . The Daimler Powerhouse is to be redeveloped as a Creation Centre for Coventry providing dedicated spaces for artists and communities to work in the build to City of Culture 2021 and beyond.

It does all feel very strange as we prepare to move to another factory space which we will also transform into our home for 12 months. I will miss the arched windows and beautiful view of Coventry Canal. Office pods are under construction, workshop spaces being created everything moving by the end of March.  It is important that our work continues and that when we arrive back to DAIMLER in 2020, we have developed further. We will remain a strong presence in the City in 2019 with our new outdoor production Bridge – details being posted all the time as this exciting project develops.

It will be great to be able to tell everyone about The Festival of Imagineers journey for 2021 and beyond and this will follow extensive planning activity during 2019 with our partners Artichoke and Burning Man.

Will post again at intervals as our move happens and the capital programme begins – amazing times ahead.


Jane  CEO Imagineer.


What people say...

"It’s really pushed me creatively to
do things I wouldn’t have done
otherwise. I’ve made loads of friends
as well… I think that’s really

(S (she/her), aged 23)

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