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Harmony Family Hub – Stop the Crime Kids Club

The Harmony Family Hub started Kids Club after feedback from the local children who shared they felt they had nowhere to play safely and were not able to make friendships within their community. A number of these children lived in local flats within metres of Harmony Family Hub. The children shared that they felt isolated. The Kids Club children were asked if they would like to express how they felt about living in Hillfields.

They took this opportunity and ran with it. They wrote their own lyrics which were extremely impressive. Media Mania were approached by Harmony Family Hub to create the accompanying music. During the first session at the Hub the children learnt about chords, scales and song structure. It became apparent that these young children were talented musicians and had excellent vocal skills.

Over the next few sessions Media Mania provided a portable recording setup allowing them to record vocals, giving the children an insight to how music production takes place. Through the whole process the children’s confidence and skills grew through the friendly, creative, comfortable and supportive atmosphere created by the hub staff Purvinder and Sharon and Luke and Dave from Media Mania. This increased the children’s confidence which enabled them to perform at a live event hosted by Media Mania at The Old Grammar School, Coventry. The children performed a live rendition of the studio track ‘Stop The Crime’ in front of a live audience. This was a key achievement and a lasting memory for the Kids Club children.


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