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  Youthful Cities 

Coventry UK City of Culture new programme for 18-25 year olds

2020 - 2021

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Youthful Cities is a cultural and creative skills exchange between Coventry (England) and four international cities; Nairobi (Kenya), Bogota (Colombia), Detroit (America), and Beirut (Lebanon).


The programme culminates in the creation of four new artworks and an event which brings together the ideas and innovations from the exchanges into a 3-day Global Youth Summit in Coventry.

We are working with 8 organisation who will be paired together to work with 12 young people, across 4 different art forms.

  • Street Art (for the exchange in Bogota, Colombia)

  • Poetry, Spoken Word & Storytelling (for the exchange in Beirut, Lebanon)

  • Music (for the exchange in Detroit, USA)

  • Digital Media (for the exchange in Nairobi)


Media Mania are extremely proud to say we have been selected as the organisation for Coventry to exchange with Detroit for the Musical art form as part of the programme.


On Thursday 17th December at 3pm we delivered an online workshop in partnership with Mosaic and City of Culture where young people from Coventry were able to meet young people from Detroit and learn more about the programme.


The workshop was an amazing experience and the amount of talent from both cities was mind blowing. We are now in the process of selecting the 5 young people from each city and beginning the programme of work which will feature as part of City of Culture and lead the way for a new partnership with the Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit and Media Mania. A very exciting time for all of us involved we will be sharing more information and updates with you soon.

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