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Our services are tailored to meet the needs of organisations in ways that are flexible to meet the needs of individuals involved.

Whether you would like to engage groups around issue based work using media as a tool or let groups explore and play with new media to gain skills.

Music & Sound Production

Our music and sound programmes cover everything from lyric writing through to composition and production, including sound engineering, radio programming and podcasting, instrument workshops, beat making, turntable techniques and  recording.

Our programmes are designed to be both interactive and fun but based on clearly defined learning outcomes. We are able to run courses from a couple of hours to several weeks or months depending on the need.

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Media & Enterprise

Media and Enterprise is very much about using media to help our groups learn and experience what it takes to work within the creative sector. Our programmes are devised with hands on practical ways of introducing enterprise and business into the creative process.

Primeline music was a pilot project that involved young people running their own record label, making real decisions about budgets, music, marketing and distribution.

This programme gave young people the chance to experience what it takes to be a freelance worker within the creative industries.

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Short Programmes

Learning for fun are short programmes in creative arts run in the community and are designed to be fun and engaging from an hour to a week long programme. Ideal for half term or summer holidays.

Projects have included introduction to photography for young and old, Music production and dj workshop’s for young people, podcasting, video documentaries and music videos.

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What people say...

“There’s been a lot of opportunity to do what you want and to try stuff you haven’t done yet.”

T (she/her), aged 12

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