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Powerhouse Studios New Bandcamp!

Updated: Mar 22

Bandcamp Interface Graphic

Our music projects are now collated and available as digital albums on our new Powerhouse Studios Bandcamp.

Introducing our brand new Powerhouse Studios record label on Bandcamp!

Bandcamp is a great place for artists to release their own music independently. Powerhouse Studios label are here to support independent artists who have worked with us past and present! We will be releasing and sharing tracks or albums made in the studio.

Head over to our Bandcamp to listen to some incredible tracks. We have two albums out so far: Bring The Noise is a collection of tracks made by young people in Media Mania's open access Bring The Noise sessions in 2019.

COV X DETRIOT is a collaboration compilation album between Coventry and Detroit born from a social development Youthful Cities programme created to draw similarities between cities around the world. From this project, we had the opportunity to bring over some featuring artists to Coventry who rocked our stage at Godiva!

Keep up with our Bandcamp because we will be sharing a VERY exciting project soon...

If you wanted any help in building your own Bandcamp, please feel free to message @lilyjaytain on Instagram.


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